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REFOX RM22Mini UV Curing Box

REFOX RM22 Mini UV Curing Box


REFOX RM22 is a compact, efficient, and reliable mini UV curing box designed to speed up the curing process of screen bonding and waterproof adhesive sealants before screen polishing. Its compact design seamlessly integrates into any repair environment, while its dual-device capacity ensures maximum productivity. Equipped with high-quality LED beads, the RM22 delivers rapid curing of waterproof adhesive in just 15 seconds, ensuring superior results. The integrated active carbon cartridge effectively eliminates unpleasant UV glue smells for a pleasant working environment.

Small enough to fit in any repair environment, and capable of curing adhesive for two screens or waterproof molds

refox rm22 mini uv curing box

The curing process for waterproof molds takes only 15 seconds with the use of high-quality LED beads.

refox rm22 mini uv curing box

The active carbon cartridge in the UV curing box is designed to eliminate adhesive odors, resulting in a cleaner and more pleasant working environment.

refox rm22 mini uv curing box

Product Specifications

Product Name
Mini UV Curing Box
Product Size
253*252*147 mm
Net Weight
6 kg
Power Supply
Wave Length
365 mm
Package Size
320*320*210 mm
Gross Weight
7 kg