• July 20th 2019

    Refox download website update.

  • July 18th 2019

    Optimize the software login interface, add user name promotion.

  • July 17th 2019

    Modified iPhone8 plus block diagrams.

  • July 13th 2019

    Software V3.25 upgrade.

  • July 06th 2019

    Added iPhone6s plus/ 8 / 8plus block diagrams. Added iPhone6/6s/7/7plus/8/8plus/X/XR/XS/XSMAX MLB_Component_Distribution Diagram.

  • June 29th 2019

    Added iPhone 6/6plus/6s/7/7plus block diagrams.

  • June 26th 2019

    Launched software which compatible with Mac OS virtual machine.

  • June 18th 2019

    Added loading bar function, amended primary landing page information.

  • June 13rd 2019

    Fixed software installation error and log-in problem.